Housing for migrant workers

The housing platform for international employees

Discover our housing platform for migrant workers, where living is separate from working

Discover our housing platform for migrant workers, where living is separate from working.

At Lento we bring migrant workers, employers and housing providers together. With housing contracts that are completely separate from the employment contract. We understand that comfortable living is essential for a successful stay in a new country. That is why we strive to offer migrant workers reliable, safe and quality housing, supported by fair contracts. Or as we call it: easy living.

On Lento.eu you will find information for migrant workers and we give a preview of the new living spaces, even before the housing contract is signed. This way you know exactly where you stand. Whether you are looking for a place to live or you want to make your living space available to others, you will find all the necessary information on Lento.

So, do you want more information about renting for migrant workers? Or renting out living space to migrant workers through Lento? Click on one of the buttons below and discover how we can help you.

Your housing arranged via Lento.eu

Nowadays you arrange everything effortlessly yourself and online: your shopping, your vacation and now also housing for migrant workers. Discover Lento, the booking platform where you choose your own housing and arrange everything online. Safe, easy and with a transparent and fair contract. Want to know more? Watch this video.

Why Lento? Our USPs:

Separate living & working

Lento completely separates the residential contract (with options such as accommodation, temporary rental and indefinite rental) from the employment contract. Completely in line with the 'Roemer’ approach.

Transparency about housing

On Lento.eu you will find an offer of housing for migrant workers, provided with photos, price information and all other features in accordance with SNF/AKF.

Autonomy for the migrant worker

After an online identification procedure via Lento, the migrant worker is given the opportunity to sign a digital rental contract - offered in his or her own mother tongue.

Interested in renting or letting through Lento?

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