What we do

Tens of thousands of international employees work in the Netherlands. Without them the vegetables wouldn’t be harvested, the supermarkets would be empty and our packages wouldn’t be delivered within a day. They work incredibly hard, but it’s often pretty difficult for them to find a decent place to live. Many of them are treated well by their employers, but far too often we still hear about wrongdoings, exploitation and unsafe housing. With Lento.eu we are going to change this.

Living & working

We uncouple the employment contract and the rental contract. In doing so, we contribute to the strengthening of the position of international employees.

Arranged from home

Lento.eu makes it possible for international employees at home to choose from the range of accommodation which meets the requirements of Lento.eu. Just as you can now book holiday accommodation online and be assured that everything is in order, international employees can be assured of a good place to live even before they arrive.

Well informed

Lento.eu is the information platform for international employees with information about the place where the accommodation is to be found and information about life in the Netherlands: municipal registrations, health insurance, citizen service number (BSN), social security, local care and aid institutions and education for children. In this way, we give international employees independence and a warm welcome.

Fair contracts

Lento.eu makes the contracting process easy for all parties. Lento.eu works with standard contracts which separate the employment contract and the rental contract. This means that the termination of an employment contract won’t automatically result in the international employee having to immediately leave his or here accommodation. We think that is fair.

Multi language support

Lento.eu is available in English, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Spanish and Dutch. The contracts are offered in your own language. This will make working in the Netherlands more attractive for international employees, who we are in desperate need of considering the tightness of the labour market. People simply won’t travel over here to work hard if they are not offered decent accommodation.

Up to standard

Lento.eu helps employers to take good care of their international employees by providing them with decent accommodation that meets the current standards.

Taken care of

Lento.eu gives hosts the opportunity to let direct to the consumer in a simple manner and it subsequently takes care of all administrative activities, including collecting the rent. Large employers and employment agencies can also use Lento.eu and implement the separation of living and working, whereby it is also possible to link the platform to their own systems.