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At you can find your ideal place to live in the Netherlands. We connect international workers, employers and housing providers.

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By signing up with, you get access to the newest places to live in the Netherlands every day. You will be the first to see these accommodations and, of course, you will also be the first to be able to reserve your next place to live. It can be that simple.

Simple contact with hosts

We ensure that the contact with the host is a simple matter. Questions? Just let us know and we will resolve them together.

Secure payments

With a simple and secure payment system, you'll never miss a payment again. Your payment is secure and your details will be processed confidentially.

How it works for the check-in

Select your place to live

Finding and selecting your perfect place to live is very easy. After selecting your new home, you can begin with registering.


Register, get verified and create an account. At, for your and our security, we only work with verified accounts.

Create a rental contract

Receive a contract online and sign it. The contract is sent to the host for verification and is finalised if the host agrees. Now you can go to the location on the agreed day and be ready to receive the key. We wish you a pleasant stay!

How it works for the check-out

The contract ends

The contract is ending shortly. The tenant is notified that the contract will be ending shortly. The tenant must vacate the accommodation on the check-out day. This is agreed in advance in the rental contract.

Leave your accommodation in a neat and clean condition

When the tenant arrived at your new place to live, everything was neat and clean. Now it is time to move out. We kindly request the tenant to leave everything neat and clean.

Get your deposit back

Is everything in order? Then your deposit will be refunded as quickly as possible.

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