Rent housing for migrant workers

At Lento you will find the ideal living space for your hardworking international employees

Renting as a migrant worker

Have you seen an interesting living space at Lento? Then forward the link to your employer or temp agency and still enjoy the benefits of Lento. It is currently not yet possible for you as a migrant worker to rent accommodation directly through Lento. For the time being, it is possible to do this together with your employer of temp agency.

New living spaces every day

Register at Lento and receive daily access to the latest available living spaces in the Netherlands. You are the first to see these living spaces and of course you are also the first to reserve your next living space. It's that simple!

Whether you are looking for an apartment in a bustling city, a comfortable home in a quiet suburb or a shared living space close to the workplace, Lento has it all.

Easy contact with hosts

We ensure that contact with the host is easy. Whether you have questions about the rental property, need support with a problem, or just want some additional information, we are here to help you. We can even take on the role of intermediary, if language is a barrier or threshold. Do you have questions? Let us know and we will solve it together.

Secure payments

Thanks to our user-friendly and secure payment system, you will never miss a payment again. It is designed to give you a hassle-free experience when arranging rental payments. Because we understand very well how important it is to ensure transactions are safe and efficient.

At Lento, safety comes first. We take everyone's privacy seriously. You can use our platform with confidence. Your payment is 100% secure and your personal information is of course processed confidentially.

Want to know more about Lento's costs? Check out our B2B price scale here.

How it works for check-in

Select your place to live

Your Lento experience starts with finding the living space that suits you best. View the current overview of available living spaces via the menu item "Offer". Provided with detailed information about location, amenities, size and price. Is there an interesting living space? To respond you must first register.

Register, verify and more

Have you found a suitable living space? Then it's time to register on Give us the necessary (personal) information and you are ready to create an account.

To ensure the safety of both tenants and hosts, Lento only works with verified accounts.

Sign a rental contract

After you have registered and created an account, you can make a rental request. Availability is then checked and you can read and sign the rental contract online. Lento sends the rental contract digitally to both you and the host. This is only final after the host agrees to the terms of the contract.

Confirmation and payment

As soon as the host has agreed to the rental contract and signed it online, the first invoice (with the agreed rental period and any additional costs and/or deposit) will be sent to you digitally. Once you have paid this, your employee can move into his or her new living space. The key can be collected at the agreed time. Now he or she is completely ready to move in and enjoy his or her new living space. We wish him or her a pleasant stay!

How it works at check-out

The contract ends

If the rental contract expires soon, you will be notified in time. This announcement is a reminder of the expiration of the rental contract and prepares the tenant to leave the accommodation on the indicated check-out day. Exactly as agreed in advance and mentioned in the rental contract.

A neat and clean living space

When you leave the living space, it is of course left as it was assigned: neat and clean. This involves the tenant removing all personal belongings and tidying and cleaning the area to agreed standards.

Refund of the deposit

After the living space has been left neat and clean, without any unforeseen problems or damage, you will receive the paid deposit back as soon as possible.

This is a standard procedure to ensure that you as a tenant receive the deposit you previously paid once the requirements and conditions of terminating the lease have been met.

Interested in renting?

We are happy to tell you more. Submit your e-mail address and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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