Renting to migrant workers

Discover how easy it is to rent your living space to migrant workers on With just a few clicks you can put your available space online and quickly find a suitable tenant.

Offer easily

With Lento, offering your living space online is a piece of cake. Make your space shine with catchy photos and a compelling description that emphasizes the unique features of the space.

Your living space will be online in no time, ready to be rented to the next tenant. We take all the hassle by arranging everything for you. Discover how hassle-free and carefree renting can be.

Verified accounts for more security

Lento accurately determines the identity of all tenants and we verify them thoroughly. Why? Because we understand how important it is, as a host, to know exactly who you are entrusting your living space to. With our verification process, you can confidently say, “I know who my tenant is.” We believe in transparency and security, so that you can rent your living space to the right person with peace of mind.

Lento takes care of everything, completely

Looking for the ideal tenant? You just have to approve it. Lento will do the rest. We ensure that the process runs smoothly. Thanks to our platform you can rent out accommodation quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, with our independent (digital) rental agreements, we meet the requirements of the Good Hostship Act. This means that living and working remain separate. You also save on costs such as IT investments, collection work and loss of income due to vacancy.

How does it work?

Publish your accommodation

Do you have suitable accommodation, and would you like to make it available to migrant workers? Go to My and go through the registration process.

Showcase your living space

Make the housing placement as interesting, transparent and honest as possible. Provide thorough information, a clear description and sharp, well-lit photos. Before your living space is published on, it is thoroughly checked by our Customer Service to ensure that all details are complete and correct. Your accommodation will be placed online and available to interested parties within 24 hours at the latest.

In the meantime, we ask you to sign a framework contract in which you indicate that Lento can mediate on your behalf for renting out your living space.

Your living space online

In order to rent your accommodation, a tenant must register at Lento and create an account. Registration is an important part of the verification process and ensures that only authenticated users have access to the rental offer.

For Lento security and reliability is very important, which is why verified accounts are a requirement.

Sign a rental contract

After selecting your accommodation and completing his or her registration, the tenant will receive an online rental contract. You don't have to do anything for this. This contract contains the relevant terms and details relating to the rental agreement. The tenant signs the contract online, after which it is sent to you for verification and approval. The contract only becomes binding when both parties, tenant and host, agree to the conditions.

Invoice and start of rental period

As soon as you have approved the rental contract, we will ensure that the first rental payment (including other costs and deposit) is invoiced. The tenant is present on the agreed day to receive the key to the living space. This is the moment when the tenant officially gains access to the space and the rental period begins.

Please note: Lento collects the first rental installment and the deposit before the start date and pays it out to you as the host as soon as we receive it.

How does the check-out work?

The contract ends soon

When the end of the rental contract approaches, the tenant will receive a notification in time. This leaves plenty of time for both parties to make any agreements about leaving the living space on the agreed check-out day. As determined in advance in the rental contract.

A neat and clean living space

When the tenant arrived at your new place to live, everything was neat and clean. Now it is time to move out. We kindly request the tenant to leave everything neat and clean.

Refund of the deposit

As soon as the tenant has left the living space and everything appears to be in the correct condition, the deposit - which was previously paid - will be refunded to the tenant as soon as possible.

This is a standard procedure, and the purpose is to return the tenant's security deposit after it has been determined that there are no unforeseen problems, damages or conflicts and that the accommodation has been left tidy and clean according to the agreed terms.

Interested in letting through Lento?

We are happy to tell you more. Submit your e-mail address and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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