This is the cookie policy of Lento Operations B.V. and all its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as “Lento”, “we” or “us”). This cookie policy explains how we handle your personal data that we may collect through Cookies.

1 | Definitions

In this policy, the following words have the following meanings:

a. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC.

b. Service(s): the facilitation of the Portal and all services offered by Lento via the Portal, such as providing letting services, including but not limited to the possibility of offering lettable units, providing tenancy or temporary tenancy agreements for the letting of the lettable units to be used by the landlord and tenant (to which Lento is not a party), providing accommodation-related services and services in the area of accounting and financial settlement, including all Portal content.

c. Cookie(s): small text files that are left on your browser when you visit our Website or use our Portal. Cookies are typically used to track the settings you have selected and the actions you have taken on our Website. Cookies can collect information related to the use of a Website, such as the pages visited and the duration of a user session.

- First-Party Cookies: these are Cookies which we place on our Website or our Portal ourselves and which are only used by us.

- Third-Party Cookies: Cookies that are placed on our Website or our Portal by third parties. Examples of third parties are advertising partners or security providers.

d. Portal: Lento’s digital platform, accessible via and including all Services offered via this platform.

e. Website:, affiliated websites, including all content.

2 | Applicability of policy and contact details

This policy applies to you when you visit our Website or use our Portal. This policy explains which Cookies we use, for what purposes and what choices you have.

In some cases, Cookies can also refer to you as an individual and should therefore be considered as personal data within the meaning of the GDPR. Unless otherwise stated in this policy, our privacy policy – as contained on the Website and Portal – applies to the personal data that we may collect through the Cookies and for which we qualify as a controller.

For all questions, comments and/or complaints about our Cookie use and/or the processing of your personal data, please contact us:

Lento Operations B.V.

We work with third parties to collect data through Cookies, but we do not share any information with these third parties. Nor does this policy apply to actions of these third parties. We are neither responsible nor liable for the processing of personal data by third parties, and can therefore not guarantee that these third parties will handle your personal data in a reliable and secure manner. You should always read the privacy and cookie policies of other websites before using them.

3 | Which Cookies do we use?

First-Party and Third-Party Cookies may be placed on your device when you visit our Website or use our Portal. We use Cookies to enhance your user experience and to improve the range of our Services. We select our Cookies carefully. If you want to know more about Cookies in general, please refer to the website all about Cookies.

In addition to Cookies, we also use tracking and other technologies that can be very similar. Our Website and our Portal may contain small transparent image files or codes that record information about you. These are, for example, ‘*scripts*’, ‘*web beacons*’ or ‘*tracking URLs*’. These technologies are also referred to as Cookies.

Below we explain, among other things, which types of Cookies we use and for what purposes.

- Necessary Cookies

First of all, we place Cookies that can be categorised as essential. These Cookies are necessary for our Website and the Portal to function properly, so that you can create an account and log in easily to our Portal. These Cookies are also used to remember your account details, your selected language settings and your previous searches, so that you can use our Services efficiently and effectively. These Cookies also include the enabling of essential security and accessibility features so that you can safely use our Services.

These Cookies allow us to collect the following information, among other things: your registration data (your password is of course encrypted), IP address and operating system.

We may use these essential Cookies without your consent. As these Cookies are necessary, you cannot opt out of this category. However, the Cookies will never be used for any purpose other than ensuring the functionality of our Website and our Portal.

- Analytical Cookies

These Cookies collect information and statistics on the use of the Website and Portal. For this purpose, we exclusively use Google and the technologies provided by Google. Google continuously analyses our Website and our Portal and we use this information to improve our Website, our Portal and our Services.

These Cookies enable us to collect, among other things, the following information: who visits the Website and Portal, where you come from, for how long you remain on the Website or Portal (date and time stamp), which pages you visit and which e-mails have been opened in the Portal. These statistics help us understand how our Website and our Portal are used, how we can make improvements, and these statistics help us understand the effectiveness of advertisements.

We have not given Google permission to use the analytical data for other services. Our use of Google Analytics is currently privacy friendly. For instance, we have shielded the last two digits of your IP address to protect your privacy as much as possible. You can read more about Google Analytics here and also opt out of Google Analytics at any time here. Should anything change with regard to the rules on the use of Google Analytics, we will of course adjust our use accordingly.

Since these Cookies are set in a privacy-friendly manner in line with the instructions of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, we do not need to ask your permission for the use of these Cookies.

- Social media buttons

Our Website, our Portal and our e-mails also contain Third-Party social media buttons for connecting to our social media channels, namely Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. These buttons are used to enable the integration of social media with our Website and our Portal.

If you click on (one of) these buttons, you activate the functionality of the buttons and advertising pixel cookies may be placed by these social media channels. These Cookies can be purely functional, but can also be used to track which websites you visit, to build a profile of your online surfing behaviour and to show you personalised advertisements. This profile is partly built using similar information that the channels receive from your visits to other websites in their network.

More information about what these social media channels do or may do with your personal data can be found in their cookie and privacy policies. Please note that these policies may be updated from time to time.

- Other

Finally, we may also use technologies, such as pixels, which we do not mark as Cookies because they do not store information on your device.

For example, we may include pixels in our newsletters. This allows us to see whether the newsletter or another message has been delivered, and whether you read the message and what you click on. These statistics give us feedback on your reading behaviour, which we can use to optimise our news reports and other messages and make our communication more relevant for you.

4 | Storage periods, deletion of Cookies and data

Most Cookies are only used by us until you close your internet browser, after which they are deleted or anonymised. They are called ‘session cookies’. However, some Cookies may remain on your device after your internet browser is closed. Our aim is to place these Cookies with a limited storage period as well. In exceptional circumstances, e.g. because of security reasons, it is necessary to keep a Cookie for a longer period.

However, you can always adjust your browser settings to block the installation of Cookies completely. More information on how to enable, disable and delete Cookies can be found in the instructions for your internet browser. We always recommend that you check whether your internet browser is up to date. For this purpose, you can use the help and support button of your internet browser. The following links explain how to access the Cookie settings in different browsers:

- Cookie settings in Firefox

- Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

- Cookie settings in Google Chrome

- Cookie settings in Safari (OS X)

- Cookie settings in Safari (iOS)

- Cookie settings in Android

If you decide to disable the Cookies in your browser, some functions and Services on our Website and our Portal may not function properly.

If we process personal data through our Cookies, we can also delete or anonymise your personal data on request, unless we are subject to a statutory retention obligation. For more information on your rights in respect of your personal data and how to exercise these rights, on the security measures we have taken and on any potential data transfers, we refer to our privacy policy as included on our Website and our Portal.

You can submit requests for the exercise of your rights to us at If any personal data are linked to a Cookie, you must also send a copy of the Cookie in question. You can find this in your browser settings.

5 | Amendments

We reserve the right to amend our cookie policy. Therefore, please check this Website regularly for the latest version. You hereby declare that you have read this policy. Continued use of our Services implies that you have also read the amended policy.

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