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My Registration
How to register on lento.eu?

There is a "Login" button in the upper right corner of the lento.eu homepage. By clicking on it, you can select "New here". After that fill in your email address and password. You will receive a confirmation link on your email address, and you can continue the registration process from this link. When the email check is complete, you will be able to choose how to use lento.eu - as a tenant, employer or host. By choosing one of the options, you can fill in the registration form with your personal data.

What information is needed to register on lento.eu?

Note! Make sure you enter the given names as on the Identity document that you use for registration, this means just the first and middle name or if you have more than 2, but it is excluded the Surname. E.g.: Michael-Raphael Alexander, if there is a ‘’-‘’ between your names, you should also add it. Do not use commas between the names. To register as a Tenant or as a Host you need to provide the following information: Name, Address, Date of birth, Telephone number, the Type and number of identity document and IBAN. To register as a Host Company and or an Employer you need to provide the following information: Name, Date of birth, Telephone number, the Type and number of identity document, Role and function within the company, Industry, Company name, VAT/Chamber of commerce number, Address, E-mail, Telephone number, IBAN and contact person for: BILLING/ COMPLAINTS / DAMAGES/ ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE/ STATUS OF LIVING PLACES.  Note! The contact person can be the same or different for each department.

Why I cannot find my confirmation email?

Make sure to check your spam folder as it may end up there.

Why after confirming my email address, I am redirected to the home page?

During registration process and confirming your email address it is better to use the standard browser, if you use a different browser than the standard browser and confirm the email you received, you will be redirected to the lento.eu platform using the standard browser. In this case you must click 'Logout' on the right top of the homepage and then press 'Login' again to start the registration process on lento.eu.

How to scan/verify your Identity Document?

You simply scan your ID on the website. You place your ID in front of the camera of your device and use the 'take picture' button to scan. You must scan the front and back of your ID and you will also be asked to take a selfie. This selfie is compared with the picture of your ID, to check if the data that you provide is correct and you are the legitim person of the ID holder. Please make sure that your identity document meets all the following conditions: A valid Passport/ID card (driving license is not a valid document for identification); The document must be valid for at least 2 months after the date of signing a contract (creating an account);  The person must be at least 18 years old, and the photo of the ID must be clear.   A few extra tips: Make the scan in a room with a lot of light. Make sure there is enough light on your ID and there is no shadow over it. Make sure there are no strange reflections. Keep your ID close to the camera, within the green frame as much as possible. Prevent your fingers from getting on the scan and not blocking any text. Make sure that the selfie resembles the picture on your passport as closely as possible; for example, if you don't wear glasses at the picture on your ID, don't do this when you take the selfie.

Can I change my password or choose a new password if I forgot my password?

To change your password please use the ‘forgot password’ functionality.

My Booking
What is a booking code?

A booking code is unique and is used to rent your living place.  To use a booking code, you must register first.                                                                                                               A booking code can be used only once.

How to use a booking code?

On your profile account, you can choose the option "Use booking code". Here you can enter the booking code, please make sure that you use CAPITAL letters. Once you enter the booking code the available living places will be displayed and you can choose your new home.

How can I receive my booking code?

The booking code is sent via email by your employer.

For how long is the booking code available?

The booking code is available for just 24 hours, if it is not used during this time the code will expire and cannot be used anymore. If this happens you can contact your employer and ask for a new booking code.

For what kind of living place will the booking code apply?

The employer indicates to which living place the booking code belongs. The employer provides a complex with multiple available living places or directly a residence and you can book only available living places.

How can I create a booking code?

When the employer signs a contract with a host, the employer will be able to create a booking code for employees.  In "My account" choose the menu "Booking code complex". Here you must select the start and end date of the contract for the employee. After this the overview of the complexes is displayed and for each rented complex there is a blue button "Create a booking code". A new page will open where you must fill in the employee’s personal data such as: name, number, gender, e-mail, tel. number and rental price/term. In the end press ‘Send booking code’ button and it will be sent via e-mail to the selected employee.

My Home
What are the House Rules?

During your stay and at the end of the rental period, the accommodation will be checked on quality, safety, hygiene and damages. You are liable for all damage caused to the accommodation or to goods belonging to the accommodation during your stay, as well as for loss of inventory, excessive energy consumption and insufficient cleaning The accommodation is handed to you clean, furnished and equipped with standard inventory. You are responsible for keeping the accommodation and if applicable the garden end/or the balcony, tidy and clean. Ventilate regularly, especially in the bathroom. Be frugal with gas, water and electricity. The maximum permissible temperature is 21 °C. If the heating is turned on, the windows and doors must be closed. Turn down the thermostat, if you have access to it, to 17 °C when leaving the residence or going to bed. Take your fellow residents and neighbors into account and do not cause noise nuisance. After 22.00 hrs till 7:00 hrs it must be quiet in the have to accommodation as well as in the direct vicinity of the accommodation. It is not permitted to alter anything on, in or at the accommodation. Placing satellite dishes, an additional refrigerator, air conditioning, an additional washing machine, a heater or any other additional equipment is not allowed. It is not allowed to put nails or thumbtacks in the walls of the accommodation or to fill any additional shelves to the walls of the accommodation. For your safety the accommodation is equipped with fire prevention and firefighting equipment. It is forbidden to sabotage this, for instance, by placing plastic bags over the smoke detectors of removing the batteries.  On the last day of your stay, you leave the accommodation at the indicated time. On the last day of your stay, you must leave the accommodation behind clean and tidy. The accommodation must be cleared of personal possessions and delivered (broom) clean. Do not leave dirty dishes, remove the bedlinen from the bed, clean the kitchen, refrigerator and any other electric equipment and place garbage bags in the containers. Any personal belongings left behind will be removed.  Smoking is not allowed in the accommodation.  Using, producing, dealing or storing narcotics in the accommodation is forbidden.  For houses: As a resident you must maintain the garden. Household waste must be offered according to the location’s household waste schedule. The windows must be cleaned every month.  For apartments: The public areas must be left clean after every use.

Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed.

May I have visitors?

Yes, if all your roommates agree with this, but please note that a visitor is not allowed to stay overnight.

If co-living is allowed, can I choose who to live with?

You can choose the person with whom to live by requesting your employer booking codes the same living place. In case if you book a room with two beds you can`t choose your roommate.

My Payments
What currency is lento.eu using?

The standard currency for showing prices on the platform is Euro.

What payment methods are supported by lento.eu?

The payment methods that are supported differ per country and currency.

How much does it cost to use lento.eu?

Pricing Lento (B2B):

The Lento fee is applied to the all-in rental cost and charged to the intermediary (e.g. the employer or employment agency). Lento does not charge a fee to the host/lessor. The graduated scale is based on the total number of beds rented through Lento. This is recalculated each billing cycle.

Number of beds Fee percentage
1-9 5%
10-99 4%
100-999 3%
1000+ 2%

In addition, Lento charges the following incidental/one-off costs:

  • € 5 per signed rental contract;
  • € 1.50 per generated contract for the migrant worker (to be paid by the intermediary);
  • € 0.50 per payment from the migrant worker (if rent is not withheld from the wage and Lento collects the rent directly from the migrant worker and transfers it to the host/lessor).
How much do I have to pay for the deposit?

This information will be shown in the description of the living place that you choose as this differs by the choice of the host.

When do I receive my deposit refund?

The deposit will be refunded 3 months after the end of the contract, but only if the living place is left behind tidy and clean and in the same state and conditions when you first moved in.

My Rent
What documents do I need to rent a living place?

If you are an employer the minimum (mandatory) data for companies is Company Name, Chamber of Commerce number, a valid ID or passport and a valid bank account. If you are a tenant, you just need your ID or Passport and a valid bank account.

How can I rent a living place?

For renting a living place as an employer from lento.eu, you must sign up and create an account. After that you can use the search engine on the home page, to find and select living places that you like, choose the  date period (the start/end day must be the same day of the week, e.g. this can be from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday) and click on the green button "book residence" which is on the left side. A tenant can rent a living place just by using a booking code.

Why do I pay a deposit?

Requesting a deposit is a standard procedure for hosts. A tenant pays a deposit to the host at the beginning of the rental period to ensure that a tenant maintains the living location properly.

What can you rent as a consumer or employer?

An employer can only rent a complete residence. A consumer can only rent a living place. In other words: depending on what the host has indicated, a bed, a room or an entire residence is rented out to a consumer.

How long do I have to wait for the host to approve my contract?

Maximum is 5 days.

What is the maximum period of renting a living place?

The maximum renting period is just 6 months for the tenants which use booking codes generated by their employers.                                                                                                               As an employer you have no limit of the period that you can rent as long as that respects the terms of the host, and it is within the period set by the host.

How many living places can I rent?

A tenant can rent only one living place.                                                                                                          For employers there is no limit.

Can an employer rent a living place without SNF/AKF certificate?


Would you like to know more about Lento.eu?

Then call our Sales department: +31 478 788 254.

My Contract
Where can I see my contract(s)?

In "My Account" you can select from the menu "Contracts" option. Here you can see and download your contract(s).

How can I sign a contract?

On lento.eu we use DocuSign program for digitally signing. This means that after pressing the 'sign' button you will be redirected on DocuSign where you first must agree to use electronic records and signatures provided by DocuSign.  Now you can read and sign the contract.

Why do I get a blank page after signing a framework contract?

If you encounter a problem signing a framework contract, e.g., language settings are not in English or Dutch, then please check your cookies policy in your browser to allow signing a contract in a different language then the one you are using on the website. For a convenient use of our lento.eu platform, make sure that your browser settings “allow” you to use lento.eu, by changing the pop-up blocker settings.

My Account
Can I edit the company information?

Yes. You can go to "My Account" and choose from the menu "Company information". On the right bottom there is a blue button "Edit", by pressing it you can edit the company information. To save the changes press "Confirm".

How can I add a person?

To add a person, you can access "My Account" -> "Company information" -> "Overview of active accounts". On the right bottom there is a blue button "Add person", by pressing it you can add a person to the company. Fill in the Name, E-mail and business role of the person and press "Confirm" to save the data.

Who can be authorized to sign as a person in the company?

The host must specify at least one person that is authorized to sign. In case of a private host, the contact person is the person authorized to sign. The employer must also specify at least one person authorized to sign. All persons authorized to sign must be registered.

What are the roles of the users on the platform and how to use them?

Host company/Employer: If the person is authorized to sign, this person has all rights to add a person, to mandate a person and give authorization to another person, to add living places and maintain them and sign contracts. If the person is mandated, this person also has all rights to add a person, to mandate a person and give authorization to another person, to add living places and maintain them and sign contracts. In the case of a Host Company if the person is a planner, this person can ONLY add living places or maintain them but cannot sign contracts.                                                                                 Or in case of an Employer if the person is a planner, this person can ONLY create booking codes or revoke/cancel them and can NOT sign contracts.

Rent out
What documents do I need to rent out a home as a host?

A valid ID or passport and a valid bank account, but if you are registering a company then it is mandatory to complete the Company Name and the Chamber of Commerce number.

How can I offer my living places on lento.eu?

Access ‘my account’>>> ‘living places’>>>’add living place’, prepare photos of the entire complex and of the individual areas. If the living place is AKF or SNF certified, you also need these certificates. In addition, you need the basic data such as the number of square meters.  To offer a living place it should comply with the following: An account on Lento.eu and a valid framework contract to be able to register a living place and change data;                                        Indicate for every living place the type of the living place, rental term, rental price and the date of availability.      The living place must meet the SNF or AKF standards but does not need to have an SNF/AKF certificate. If the living place has no SNF/AKF certificate the living place must be approved by Lento.eu before it will be visible on the platform. You will also encounter several different names for the living places, which we will explain further here: A complex is the whole of multiple residences.  A residence is an apartment, a mobile home, a studio or a room. A living place is a bed, a room or a residence.

How do you make a catchy description?

Keep it short and to the point. Name all facilities and add some extra information about the location and the environment. Think about why a tenant should choose your living place and which part makes your living place unique.

How do you take good photos?

Get clear and high-quality photos. Include photos of all rooms and of the facilities offered. Make sure the living place is tidy and there is enough light to take great photos.

How many living places may I upload?

No limit.

How do I register a complex with multiple house numbers?

A complex can have several house numbers. This can be registered as following: For example, the house number of a complex is 600-650 In the field 'house number' enter: 600 In the field 'extension' you enter: -650

What does it mean the option "always visible"?

When you add a new living place you can choose the option 'always visible' yes or no. Always visible means that even if the living place is rented, customers will still be able to see it on our platform with the status 'not available' shown with a gray button, if the living location is available the button will be green. If you choose the answer 'No' then the living place will be shown on the platform only when it is ready to be rent out and not when is rented and occupied by a resident.

Would you like to know more about Lento.eu?

Then call our Sales department: +31 478 788 254.

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